Full Moon Art Show ~ Featuring Shayna Yasuhara & Joshua Herbolsheimer

June 10 – August 12, 2017

Embrace the lingering powers of the full moon and head over to The Galallery for the opening of Shayna Yasuhara and Joshua Herbolsheimer’s two-person exhibition. The show features new and never-before-seen works, installations, paintings, paper cutouts and stop-motion animation. Come join an imaginative plant-filled wilderness where the supernatural is always close at hand. Evening’s tunes brought to you by Full Moon Radio Hour.

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Joshua Herbolsheimer




Joshua Herbolsheimer makes vinyl toys and action figures by day for Super7, a San Francisco boutique collectible and apparel company. By night, he creates paintings and animation from a surreal nature-focused alternate future.

Shayna Yasuhara




Shayna Yasuhara is an artist based in San Francisco. Her tradition paper cutouts are used to create collages of other-worldly dimensions and are frequently brought to life through the magic of stop-motion animation. Her work doubles as the cover art for BFF.fm’s own Full Moon Radio Show which airs every full moon.