Nowhere Fast ~ Albert Reyes & Pacolli

June 23 – August 28, 2018

The Last Cat presents a duo show featuring El Sereno's favorite son Albert Reyes, and Brazil's beloved daughter Pacolli, for an art show showcasing the road going Nowhere Fast.

Through the lens of two distinct artists, the world today is portrayed as dark, absurd, and scary; but through humor, reflection, and social awareness, we can still smile through it.

Speaking with pens, paint, and stickers, both utilize their craft to express themselves emotionally and without reservation — what results is an immersive experience into the creative mindsets of these two artists. With a mutual admiration, the artists have tailored their styles to speak across the gallery walls to each other, while still maintaining the individuality that they respect in each other.

Press: Juxtapoz

Albert Reyes

Albert Reyes is a Los Angeles-based San Francisco Art Institute graduate who has developed a style equally influenced by graffiti, comics, and fine art.


Pacolli is a brazilian born, San Francisco based artist. Self taught artist Patricia Colli (Pacolli) started out hand drawing her own calendars and silk screening her own shirts. Making her own way through a mostly male dominated São Paulo art scene, Pacolli’s natural creativity, unique eye for color and composition, and ear for the lyrical made her work stand out from the rest. Not only did her colorfully spastic, psychedelic, and angsty work catch our eye, but also her “go-getter” attitude and DIY ethic which permeates in everything she does: from silk screening her own gear, self publishing her zines, managing her online shop, High In The Bay to the recent opening of her new art space–Bendgy in Brazil. We got to chat with this chill artist about her new space Bendgy, her artistic processes, and about the magic of zines.